The First Blush of Spring

These events take place around the night of Lord Greene’s coronation.

Part One

The characters are invited to Lord Greene’s coronation. Matty Groves goes to the goblin market in search of a new cloak and makes an impulsive promise in payment. The PCs arrive at the coronation and meet Blanche Page, who asks them to attend a private event later. Matty Groves performs while Will and DJ meet a pair of darkling girls. Jack danced with Lily before the characters are obliged to leave for their private appointment.

Part Two

The characters travel to their destination in Lord Green’s limo while he briefs them on the situation.

Part Three

The changelings make their grand entrance and meet some other supernatural denizens of London. They play cards with Brigid for information and win. Jack gives Brigid his card in consolation and the characters hear news of an attack on the coronation in their absence.

Part Four

The changelings return to the Crown & Antlers where a number of refugees from the coronation are waiting. Syud of the Summer court outlines events at the coronation and a plan is hatched for DJ and Will to return with Syud and Greene to investigate the scene of the crime. Jack organises a lock in for the freehold members and agrees to remain behind with Matty to keep an eye on things.

Part Five – Will & DJ

Will and DJ return to Verdant House with Lord Greene and Syud. They prepare themselves for the worst before entering the hollow to encounter a strange and wretched hob. The hob has a few answers about the saboteurs, but nothing conclusive. HE also has a few choice words about the sword which Will carries.

Part Five – Jack & Matty

Matty entertains the changelings gathered at the pub until someone throws an incendiary through the window. Matty smothers the fire swiftly and the pair rush out, with the Pittman twins behind them, in pursuit of the bombers. After a brief chase through the hedge, Jack and Matty lose their prey and nearly lose themselves in the process, but Matty finds the way to safety. They return, disheartened, and bide their time until the others return.

Part Six

Everyone regroups. Lord Greene encourages the changelings to form an official Motley but Matty declines to participate.

The First Blush of Spring

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