Interlude Two

These events take place between 1st May and the end of Spring. While most occur before the events detailed in The Passing of Spring, a few happen during or after that sequence.

[GM’s Note: It is worth mentioning that this set of interludes represent a turning point in the way the campaign is structured. Prior to The May, the various interlude events were only intended to be bridges between the key events in the campaign, but as we took this opportunity to both assess the way things had worked out so far, and also to develop some of the characters further, it made sense to reverse that dynamic – the plot events now become rare landmarks in the midst of the much more detailed day-to-day life of the motley.

As a result, this set of interludes are considerably longer in total than the rest of the campaign to date, and one or two of them are probably longer than either of the two main story events.

Chronology is also a little hard to manage as many of these were running simultaneously and several of them span a prolonged period which overlaps with other events. I’ll attempt to sort out the best reading order by the time I get them all up, but bear with me in the interim.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the much more detailed Freehold of the Southern Fields!]

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DJ in the Market

Before Dawn

Recruiting Shae

Newton Brown


Mistaken Identity

Summer Queen

Golden Standard




Fear and Loathing in the Autumn Court


[Yes, that is sixteen interlude stories!]

Interlude Two

Both Alike in Dignity Trevelyan