Strongarm Sally

Brutal ruler of Summer


Sally is an Elemental tall and broad enough to put many Ogres to shame. Her fae mein reveals a body “upgraded” with crude, steam-driven parts, the most notable of which is an entirly mechanical, oversized right arm. Other metal plates are apparently rivitted to her body, forming crude armour, and the dull echo of clanging metal and occasional jets of steam which escape from the edges of thoe plates give rise to much quiet speculation as to the extent of her internal modifications.

Freehold rumour has it that Sally was once a much smaller and more shapely woman before she was taken, and her resentment as the harm done to her body explains her perpetual wrath towards the True Fae, as well as her notably short temper when in the company of other changelings. She maintains her position by strength of arms (or more literally, some insist, strength of arm!) and some wonder whether she has the necessary long term vision to maintain her hold over Summer.

Strongarm Sally

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