Desmond "DJ" Jones

Summer court Hoodie and member of the Bridgeguard


Court: Summer
Seeming: Beast
Kith: Hunterheart
Entitlement: Bridgeguard
Motley: The Gentlemen of Bankside


Bermondsey isn’t exactly the hotbed of crime in London but Desmond managed to find it whilst growing up. The typical underprivileged ethnic minority excuse for falling into crime.

‘I didn’t have a good start in life’
‘No father figure’
‘Lack of authority’

These are just excuses. Frankly Desmond Jacobs just liked violence and was happy to join the BDFA (Berms Dont Fuck About) youth gang as soon as he was able to hold a knife. Several years patrolling his hood and life was good as far as he was concerned. He didn’t make much money but he made enough killing for the local yardie gangs to see him through.

His vicious streak must have been noticed by one of the Gentry as he was taken and used as a hunting dog on Wild Hunts through the fringes of the Hedge. Whether the hunt was successful or not didn’t really matter, the result was the same, beatings and torture. His keepers house was a cruel one.

Escape was unplanned and incidental. A particularly lengthy hunt one day found DJ deep in the hedge and separated from the rest of the tribe except for one other of his pack. His compatriot wanted to return to his master but DJ could smell freedom and wanted more of it. He tore holes in his fellow hunter and pressed deeper and deeper into the hedge in search of his way home.
Returning to find his previous acquaintances believing him dead for several years, DJ found a niche within the summer court where his aggressive streak could be put to use.

Desmond "DJ" Jones

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