Jack Squire

Spring court social climber and owner of the Crown & Antlers pub and restaurant on the Southbank. Member of The Gentlemen of Bankside Motley.


Court: Spring
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Flamesiren
Entitlement: Sacred Band of the Golden Standard
Motley: The Gentlemen of Bankside

Jack has the noble demeanor and bearing of a fae lord of myth & legend. He stands over 6 feet and is broad shouldered but slender of waist with long straight jet black hair. His face is perfectly formed with a chiseled jaw, and most people are drawn to his piercing pure white eyes. His skin is covered in strange, shifting occult symbols which can lead people to incorrectly believe he is a member of the Autumn court. His Spring Mantle has manifested itself as a bright emerald glow that flickers hypnotically like flame across his skin.

Jack’s mask is significantly more mundane but no less alluring than his fae mien. He is a suave, dashing young man with long black hair that falls just short of his shoulders. He is always perfectly clean shaven and his skin is blemish free. Jack’s body is as tall and athletic as his mien, with good muscle definition and a face that could easily be seen in glossy magazines or on the silver screen. He always very smartly dressed in a 3 piece suit which, although modern, has a cut akin to a style worn a century ago. Jack has a very easy-going and approachable air about him that makes it easy for him to make friends and difficult to make enemies.
Women want him and men want to be him…


Jack Squire was born Algernon William Percy in 1884, to Lord Algernon Malcolm Arthur Percy & Lady Victoria Percy (Nee. Edgcumbe). He has schooled, as was his Father, at Eton and Christchurch, Oxford and also followed his Father into the armed forces. Algernon joined the Navy at 21 as an officer. His contemporaries described his as a vibrant, daring and charismatic youth with a keen enthusiasm for adventure. Due to his Father’s political duties as Member of Parliament for Westminster, young Algernon spent a lot of time at the family home; Syon Park. He spent many a happy summer there with his cousins and his Uncle, the Earl of Northumberland.

In 1908 he returned to Syon Park, on leave from the Navy. After an evening of dining with his family and friends he withdrew to his room for the night. He was just drifting off to that place between waking and dreaming when he heard a lady’s scream coming from the forest beyond his window. He threw on his uniform and ran out into the moonlit night to investigate, only to discover a strange looking, disfigured man ravaging a beautiful young lady. Drawing his dress sword he saw the ruffian off and helped the young lady to her feet. As their eyes met Algernon thought he had seen her before in some half forgotten dream and felt helpless in her presence, she was alluring beyond mortal comprehension and terrifying because of it. He felt as though he were standing at the edge of a precipice about to fall in. As she spoke her voice filled his head and shook the trees all around as well as the ground beneath his feet. She wanted him to follow her to her cottage, he tried so hard to resist, knowing that she was more than she seemed to be, but eventually gave in to the overwhelming desire to please her, and followed her deeper into the trees….

Like most fae, Jack remembers very little of his durance, except for strong emotion; fear, loathing, ecstasy, frustration, pleasure, anger, terror and most of all desire, always desire……

….She let him go, she knew he would be back….

He passed back through the hedge and lost most of himself to the thorns. He awoke tired, hungry, alone and half mad in the same wood he left exactly a year and a day ago. He stumbled to the house he remembered so well, the place he called home, and hammered on the door seeking comfort in the bosom of his family. The man who opened the door was a stranger to Algernon, although he did look vaguely familiar. The stranger beheld a young man, wearing an old dishevelled naval uniform, torn flesh and wide eyed, kneeling before him on the step. He called the police & Algernon fled…

He soon regained his senses and discovered that the power he held in his lady’s Manse had remained with him. The world around him had changed significantly. Although his time in Arcadia was only a year and a day, time on Earth had moved on almost a Century and he was now an antique and felt more alone than he had ever been in his life. He was soon discovered by the freehold of the southern fields and nurtured back to health and sanity. Through the use of contracts and pledges Algernon created a new identity, a reasonable amount of cash and is gaining influence in the Spring court. He owns a Restaurant & Bar in South bank called the Crown & Antlers. The building dates back to the 15th Century and the interior is cosy, and welcoming, full of life and warmth. The top floor is an exclusive restaurant frequented by members of the aristocracy, visiting diplomats, ambassadors and even royalty on occasion thanks to his inside knowledge of the British Nobility.

Jack Squire

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