The adventures of the Gentlemen of Bankside, a motley in the Freehold of the Southern Fields, London.

The Story So Far

The Freehold of the Southern Fields is a long established and generally safe enclave of changelings living in south London. That apparent safety was thrown into question when unknown saboteurs disrupted the coronation of Lord Greene, the current ruler of the Spring court, and subsequently attacked the Crown & Antlers pub where many of the coronation guests had retreated.

The Gentlemen, a motley formed mostly from new escapees but supported by an established member of the spring court, find themselves thrust onto the centre stage when the next public event – the grand Spring ball known as the May – is interrupted first by the threat of further sabotage, then by the arrival of a new escapee pursued by an angry Keeper and his hounds.

Finding themselves somewhat famous for their role in the events of the May, together with some subsequent antics, the Gentlemen are entrusted with the task of investigating the nature of the threat to the freehold. They start by making contact with those changelings who refuse to participate in freehold politics, hoping that they might know the identity of the saboteurs…

Both Alike in Dignity

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