The Winter Court

Winter is the smallest of the courts surviving on the sorrow of those who suffer from the desire, violence and fear that is meat for the other courts. An estimated 15% of the freehold population claims loyalty to Winter, although Winter is believed to be influenced more than that other courts by the transient population so exact figures are hard to ascertain. Only senior members of the court might know for sure.


To those not among its number, the Winter court is something of a mystery. The identities of senior court members are a closely guarded secret, and even the identity of the monarch is not widely known as the current king or queen typically deals with changeling society by proxy.


The court communicates among its members via a series of dead letter drops, shared email accounts (in which draft messages can be saved, reviewed and edited without ever being sent), graffiti in key locations and so on. Meetings are held in a variety of locations which change frequently and are often announced at short notice to those invited. Other courts can contact the Winter court as a whole either through Winter members of mixed motleys or via some specific methods known to senior members of the other courts.

Winter and the Bridgeguard

The Winter court is known to be a strong advocate of the Bridge Guard, and strongly encourages its members not to cross over to the north bank of the river, even if they have no intention of using magic while there. Individuals in the Winter court rarely take up active guard duty, though, as this risks all manner of exposure.


Typical Winter meeting locations are below ground and inaccessible to members of the general public. The one stable location used for events to which members of other courts are invited are the abandoned Victorian caverns located beneath Blackheath. Popular opinion holds that this location was chosen as much for its proximity to the Spring stronghold, and therefore the need for at least one other court to help ensure the safety of proceedings, as for the sorrowful atmosphere of long lost glory which permeates the place.

The Winter Court

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