The Spring Court

The Spring court thrives on the more lively aspects of south London, and the desire of many to live the more affluent lives of those to the north. As the largest of the seasonal courts, Spring claims around 35% of the total population (approximately 45-50 changelings) and the interests of Spring have been known to drive politics during other seasons.


The current ruler of the court, the self styled Lord Greene, is a Fairest Muse who has held the title for around a decade.


The court formally meets in a large house overlooking Blackheath and within easy distance of Greenwich, but a number of locations controlled by members of the court are chosen each year and designated as meeting houses or venues for specific events. Hosting a successful event or providing regular respite for fellow Spring courtiers is seen as a way to gain status. Members of other courts are also free to make use of designated meeting houses which serves to further ingratiate Spring and the specific hosts with those changelings. Acts of violence against either the host or his guests by another changeling within these safe houses during the season are met with varying degrees of social ostracism for the rest of the season, and occasionally stronger responses where necessary. (NB the Crown & Antlers is one such designated venue)


The highlight of the Spring calendar is The May, an extended party running from the evening of 30th April through to the morning of 1st May and sometimes beyond. The court organises a banquet on 30th April followed by all night entertainment from a mix of ensorcelled mortals and changeling entertainers. Attendees are supposed to stay awake and active throughout the night before gathering together to greet the sunrise on the first morning of May. Spring motleys consider this an auspicious occasion on which to renew their pledges or to form new motleys entirely, and new members of the court are formally recognised by the court at this time, although in practice members may join at any point during the year. Following the dawn ceremony and the welcoming of new court members individual motleys often continue their celebrations individually or in conjunction with other motleys, with some measure of prestige given to the motley which manages to continue partying the longest without resorting to magic (Contracts of Eternal Spring would otherwise render this a trivial challenge for most Spring motleys). The May is open to the entire freehold.

The Spring Court

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