The May

These events take place on and around the annual Spring court party held on 1st May.

Part One

Jack and Will arrive early to oversee final preparations for the May. Over dinner Jack gets progressively drunk and the Gentlemen banter with Blanche’s motley, the Quiet Hope. After dinner, a select few are made aware that perimeter wards on Spring court properties, established to warn of another attack, have been triggered, but is it all a diversion?

Part Two

The Gentlemen each go in search of their own allies and contacts at the party to spread the word among trusted changelings to be on the alert for… anything.

Part Three

Jack and DJ discover an open hedge gate and witness the arrival of a newly escaped changeling with one of the gentry hot on his heels.

Part Four

The Gentlemen of Bankside spend an evening in the Crown & Antlers revelling in their new found notoriety. Jack receives a visit from someone unexpected.

The May

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