The Pittman Twins

Summer Courtiers and Members of The Bridgeguard


Nathan & Karl Pittman are regular Bridge Guards and enforcers for the Summer court outside of the pervasive gang culture. They have a reputation among members of the freehold for being ruthless & vicious. They are both large cockney lads, with stern faces and hook noses that gives them a hawkish look, which is exaggerated in their fae mien. They wear matching tweed suits and leather gloves, with hair combed back tightly to their heads giving them an air that harkens back to the days of east end gangsters or, more recently, the likes of Lock Stock and similar films. It is clear to all that these two are Hunterheart Beasts, which would explain their cruel nature. They are at home in the Crown & Antlers and acknowledge a friendship with Jack who doesn’t judge them on their reputation, however well deserved it may be. Like many such characters, they seem to repay this kindness with a fierce loyalty which leads them to behave while in the pub.


The Pittman Twins

Both Alike in Dignity AngelofRuin