Lily Kavanagh

Spring Courtier and member of the Dreaming Players Motley


Lily is a comely young lady apparently in her early 20’s. Her fragrant aura, together with the small flowers that bloom on her clothes, makes it immediately obvious that she is a Flowering Fairest. Lily has a natural beauty that outshines most, with a fair complexion and dark auburn hair. She is a player with the the Globe Theatre Company, and along with a handful of her thespian friends she regularly visits the Crown & Antlers. Lily is a member of the Spring court. Lily’s Motley includes Kit Scarlet, Jason London and Sabine DaSilver.


Lily and Jack Squire are a bit of an item. The pair can often be seen in The Crown and Antlers drinking and laughing at their own table. Some, however, might recall that the pair were estranged a couple of years ago, around the time that Lily’s Fetch disappeared and she resumed her old life.

Lily Kavanagh

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