Mysterious monarch of Autumn


Briarpatch is generally assumed to be a Woodblood Elemental, although very few have seen enough of the enigmatic changeling to be sure, and the senior members of the Autumn court who might know more revel in the mystery.

Briarpatch always appears in public wearing a heavy, dark robe of indeterminate dark grey/brown/green colour complete with hood, and a tarnished silver mask etched with golden symbols. The robe itself, although thick, is frequently pierced with vicious thorns which seems to protrude from the flesh of the changeling beneath. The king speaks only in a dry rasp, which most hope is only an affectation and not an indication of the inhumanity of the visage concealed beneath the costume.

Briarpatch is rarely seen outside the court’s Dulwich property, although visitors are often informed that the king is “away” or otherwise unavailable.



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