Blanche Paige

Spring Court Magistrate


Blanche is the current favourite of Lord Green. A Darkling Antiquarian who runs her own legal practice, Blanche appears as a tall, slim women with pale skin the colour and texture of old parchment and perpetual ink stains on her fingertips. Her eyes behind her glasses are dark and her hair, black with a streak of slightly off white, is tied back in a severe pony tail. To mortals, Blanche appears as an archetypal librarian albeit dressed in expensive business suits. She dedicates most of her waking life to her small but increasingly successful legal practice and has been known to undertake work for freehold members in exchange for unspecified future favours when they cannot meet her usual prices.

Blanche is the Archivist of the Spring Court, responsible for organising all social functions, although Jack has begun to help with some of the workload this involves. She is also notionally responsible for monitoring Court finances, although delegates the day to day bookkeeping.


Blanche Paige

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